Why throw away a great machine? The top repair company is a phone call away. Please call us at 863-324-0911 for more information. Are hours are from 8:00 to 4:00 EST. The following information below shows that it's as easy as 4 steps.

For any repairs, please follow the directions below

Step 1- Call us.

Step 2- Drop off the machine and tell us what needs to be repaired ( IF NOT A LOCAL DROP OFF, SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE HANDLED OVER THE  PHONE).

Step 3- We will call you back as soon as we figure out the issue.

Step 4- If given the confirmation to repair the machine, we will repair it and send it back to you as soon as possible.

Carpet cleaning Extractors ( Portables Only)
Carpet Cleaning Extractor Tools
Furniture Tools
Floor Burnishing Machines
Floor Stripping Machines
High Pressure Hoses
Wet Vacs
Auto Buffing Machines
Tile & Grout Tools​
Air Movers

    All repairs must be inspected and used within 48 working hours. Any repairs not working within 48 hours has our bring back guarantee protection. We will work on it for free. Bring back guarantee protection is only for the part that was worked on. Other issues causing the machine not to work is not covered under our guaranteed protection.