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Sanitaire Sweeper. SC200A

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The Sanitaire SC200A sweeper has two corner brushes to ensure thorough edge cleaning, along with commercial-grade construction for ultimate durability. It cleans in forward and backward passes, making it an ideal solution for low pile carpets and hard surfaces in lobbies and restaurants. At only 2.7 pounds, this is an extremely portable cleaner that can stand up to dry messes without the hassle of electrical cords and batteries that need to be recharged.

This manual sweeper has a 10.5-inch cleaning path and one all-bristle brush roll. Its easy-empty dirt collection feature makes emptying as simple as can be, and this product comes with a one-year warranty.

To assemble this manual cleaner, fit the threaded handle sections together and tightly screw them in until they’re secure. Screw the handle grip onto the threaded end of the handle, and simply push the sweeper to use it. For best results, make sure that the front end of the sweeper is facing forward while it’s in use. To empty the dirt bins, hold the sweeper over a trash container and press the bottom of each dirt bin at the points indicated by the push arrows.

For best performance, keep the brushes and bearings clear of hair, threads, and other debris. The brush roll on this sweeper is removable for easy cleaning. To remove the brush roll, locate the front of the sweeper and position it so that the front is on top and the grey end of the brush roll is on the right side. Locate the small tabs on both dirt bins and lift them slightly while pushing outward so they rest on the outer edge of the bumper. This will ensure that the bins stay in place as you remove the brush roll. Grip the left side of the brush roll and push the right end (the gray end) inward while lifting the left side up and out.

To replace the brush roll, match the right end of the brush roll (the gray end) with the right side of the sweeper. Make sure the front of the sweeper is on top. Gripping the left side of the brush, fit the right end into place and then fit the left end in, as you push the right end inward until the brush is securely in place. Lift both dirt bins and open them slightly to release the tabs. The sweeper won’t function properly if the tabs aren’t released before use.

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