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JSS Airoma 3000 Metered Scent Dispenser, Advanced 3 Setting

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JSS Airoma 3000 Metered Scent Dispenser, Advanced 3 Setting

  • Fully programmable dispenser – Choice of number of refills per year; 6, 8, or 12 hour operation; Choice of start and end time; Days off selection feature ; Choice of days of operation (5,6, or 7).
  • Visible countdown clock showing time until next spray - Confirms operation of unit and provides health and safety warning.
  • Patented “I.P.E.™” facility enables users to program one period per day of enhanced fragrance delivery.
  • Smart chip automatically calculates days in use and refill life.
  • Patented automatic reset button when a fragrance refill is replaced.
  • Scroll back button to enable user to get back to previous screen for user convenience.
  • Optional number of days remaining icon for real time usage verification.
  • Part of coordinated range of dispensers.
  • Rental button for 30-45-60 days (if applicable).
  • Lockable dispenser for added security.
  • Ideal for areas such as restrooms, offices, toilet areas, nursing homes, hotels, reception areas, school classrooms or anywhere that an odor control product or fragrance system is required.

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