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Pro's Choice Pro Powder Advanced with Citrus Oil (Concentrated)

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Pro's Choice Pro's Choice Pro Powder Advanced with Citrus Oil (Concentrated) - Janitorial Superstore

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About This Product

Pro's Choice Pro Powder 2000 

  •  Pro Powder is a maximum duty emulsifier for use with hot water extraction cleaning systems. A powerful cleaner for both residential and commercial carpets.
  • Quickly rinses away heavy greasy soils. Meets stain resistant specifications.
  • Features: Pro's Choice Pro Powder 2000 is the most advanced, most powerful emulsifier on the planet. Guaranteed to out-perform all others.
  • Pro's Choice "Quick Dry" is a water soluble dry cleaning concentrate.
  • Its quick drying and high performance makes it an excellent concentrate for bonnet cleaning.
  • Anti re-soiling agents prevent early re-soiling from residual solution.
  • Color enhancers restore luster to worn carpet fibers.
  • Drying agents result in very fast dry time.
  • Odor neutralizers leave the carpet with a fresh and clean scent. Form: Powder pH buffered for maximum performance.
  • Color safe oxygen booster helps restore brightness.
  • Corrosion inhibitors to protect your equipment. Low foam for trouble free cleaning.
  • Anti re-soiling agents for greater customer satisfaction.
  • Water softening agents to improve performance and reduce the cleaning chemical required.
  • Odor neutralizers built in for pleasant fragrance. 

Pro Powder


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