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Pro's Choice Red-1

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Pro's Choice

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About This Product

Pro's Choice Red-1

  • All the power of a two-part system in a single bottle
  • Fast-acting red food dye remover
  • pH: 7.0
  • Safe for all wet-cleanable fibers
  • Ready to use

Pro's Choice, the originator of Red Relief, has another powerful weapon in its arsenal of stain-beaters: Red-1, a fast-acting red food dye remover that requires no mixing and no heat from an iron or steamer (though for especially tough, set-in stains, just a few seconds of heat -- not minutes -- is all that is needed for a little extra stain-fighting).

 Erases tough synthetic stains, like Kool-Aid, Gatorade, and fruit juice, in moments. Red-1’s strong (but not unpleasant) fragrance shouts “I’m working!” So you know it’s delivering the stain-fighting results your customers are looking for. 

 Red-1 meets VOC compliance and can be safely used on all wet-cleanable fibers. This ready-to-use spotter is free-rinsing and won't leave a residue.

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