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Shipping Offer: Flat Shipping Rate of $10 On All Orders Over $75.

T-REX™ Jr. Total Rotary Extractor

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T-REX™ Jr. Total Rotary Extractor - Janitorial Superstore

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The T-REX™ Jr. is the Ultimate in Total Rotary Extraction.

Say goodbye to traditional wand carpet cleaning. With Mytee’s revolutionary rotary extraction tools, carpet cleaning has never been so easy. The rotary action of the cleaning head does all the work. This means the effort required to operate the T-REX™ Jr. is significantly less than the effort required to scrub back and forth with a wand.

The T-REX™ Jr. has a powerful  0.5 HP motor and weighs in at only 50 lbs., making this machine easy to operate. Add the Mytee T-REX™ Jr. to your cleaning arsenal today.

  • Clean more surface area in less time, which means more jobs and more money
  • Deep clean heavily soiled carpets in less time
  • Less user fatigue for consistent cleaning results
  • Lift embedded soil
  • Restore carpet surface
  • Faster drying times
  • Impress customers with superior cleaning results and gain repeat customers

12″ cleaning path
• Adjustable 80 – 180 RPM
• 4 vacuum slots
High solution flow; 4 jets.
Powerful 0.5 HP electric motor
Lightweight at only 50 lbs.
• Ambidextrous safety switch – prevents damage to near by objects
• Elevated, easy handle adjustment
• Clear swivel tube
• 2″ Cuff-Lynx™ hose connection with retainer (retainer keeps vacuum hose from getting in the way)
• Pigtail with detachable 25′ lighted power cord
• Swivel QD
• Front handle for easy pick up



• Wrench for easy hub removal
• Head Protecting Cover
• 12″ stainless steel cleaning head (Part # A102A)
• 4 oz bottle of Teflon Lubricant (Part #PH648)

A complete system for multiple surface types.

Residential carpet (use standard head part #A102A, included)
Commercial glue-down carpet (use standard head or part #A106A)
Encapsulation cleaning (use part #A103A)
Extra dirty and trashed carpets (use part #A102A)
Flood extraction (use the included standard head on a low setting to extract water form carpet)

A102A T-REX JR. Cleaning Head



Stainless Steel Cleaning Head (Included)



Encapsulation / Pad Driver Head

A106A Flexstar™ Cleaning Head for T-Rex Jr.™A106A 


Flexstar™ Cleaning Head


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