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The Grand Reaper Floor Brush


JSS Product Code: 3398


“The Grand Reaper”
The Grand Reaper is a 3 in 1 multipurpose tool that will sweep, scrub and squeegee its way into your tool box…. designed to fit our EZEE GRIP telescopic handle. Like its little brother the "Grime Reaper" it's made of specially formulated thermoplastic rubber to maintain its shape and resist wear and tear. The long soft durable bristles generate an electrostatic charge that attracts and grabs pet hair, dander, dust particles etc.... use it on carpet, tile, hard wood, decking, patio surfaces etc. Ideal for both wet and dry messes. This one piece long-lasting molded natural rubber floor brush/broom leaves no area for bacteria to build up and it’s fully washable and easy to clean.
INSTRUCTIONS: Using short (18-24") chopping or sweeping strokes. pull brush towards you. Continue until you have reached the end of wall and simply remove hair and debris and continue.

(Use w/ EZEE Pole)# 3039

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