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Tile & Grout Brush Shark, (Regular & Mini)


JSS Product Code: 3111

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Tile & Grout Brush

  • American Brush & Chems has developed a tile and grout brush.
  • Designed to reduce fatigue, hands and knees postures and speed cleaning times
  • The Shark is also designed in a way that allows its end bristles to clean grout close to walls and at angles that effectively cleans all types of tile.
  • The Shark's bristle content is up to 50% more than others and it also features center bristles to fit any grout lines.

Mini Shark Grout Brush

  • Cleans both thin and thick grout lines
  • Angled edge bristles clean surrounding tile at the same time
  • 50% more bristles than comparative tools
  • Thick nylon bristles won't bend, break, or soften with repeated use

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